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Sweet and Seasonal

We have several flavors that we make seasonally and some that are just sweet (No peppers).  You will find below a list and description of the selections we have.  

Wild Mustang Grape Jelly

Along the fences of ranches and railroad tracks from the Coastal Bend of Texas to the Rio Grande Valley, the Mustang Grape grows wild.  Those who have been here for a long time know where to go each summer to harvest their grapes.  There is a short window of opportunity to harvest the grapes at the peak of their sweetness.  When the grapes are ripe, act quick, or wait until next year.  The processing from grape to juice involves a 24-hour cooking process.  Thankfully we have discovered a method to preserving the juice so we can produce this South Texas favorite year round.  

One of our farmer friends, Richard Vos, has a farm north of town.  A vine grew out from under his barn and he has a plethora of grapes each summer.  Here are some pictures of Matthew harvesting grapes.  It is a hot and sweaty job.  The result is worth it.  Wild Mustang Grape is a top seller at Goliad Market Days.